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Walt Disney and Dyslexia

Name of the person:  Walter Elias Disney

When did this person live? Born in Chicago, Illinois on December 5, 1901 and died on December 15, 1966

Walt Disney had dyslexia, which is a learning disorder characterized by reading difficulties.  Some individuals may also have trouble writing, spelling, or working with numbers. 

Describe contexts, with one barrier and one facilitator for each:



Barrier:  While Walt Disney was attending high school he also went to the Academy of Fine Arts.  This caused him to have double the school work than an average student on top of  the fact that he also dealt with being dyslexic.

Facilitator:  Walt Disney grew up on a f arm in Missouri which probably was easier for him compared to if he would have grown up in the city where there is a lot of commotion with letters and words which could be a nightmare for  a young child who is starting to learn to read with dyslexia.



Barrier:  Back in the early 1900s when Walt Disney was born he did not get the attention and care that is given to a child with dyslexia today.  He could have got early interventions in education to help facilitate his needs.

Facilitator:  Back in the early 1900s they did not have all the complicating technology like we do today.  It was in some ways simpler to read and write.



Barrier:  I t was clear early on in life that the young Walt Disney was interested in the things that was hard in life for him.  He divided his attention between dr awing and photography.

Facilitator:  The fact that Walt Disney was so interested in drawing, it made him work harder and strive to do well in that hobby of his even though he suffered from dyslexia.



Barrier:  Back in the early 1900s dyslexia was not as well known or understood in

society so it made it harder for people who had it to deal with.



Context of Occupations

Facilitator:  Walt Disney started selling his sketches to neighbors at the age of seven. 

His talent helped him become successful and society welcomed him into the talented world.



Barrier:  Before his talents became known or before he became successful it was frustrating and difficult for him to try and express his thoughts on paper.

Facilitator:  Walt Disney is known for many things but some important things are his imagination, optimism, and self- made success.  Pleasing and entertaining people were what motivated him throughout his life.



Barrier:  I t was hard for Walt Disney to get started with his career and he was not accepted everywher e right away.  He finally landed a deal from New York for the first Alice in Cartoonland featurette and after that he started hitting it big.

Facilitator:  Through his work he brought joy, happiness, and a universal means of communication to people across the nation.



Barrier & Facilitator:  In the early 1900s when he was growing up technology was minimal.  He could not use the technology for animation that we have today.  It was later in his career that it became more advanced.  The more advanced it became the more he could do and create with his imagination.












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